Sundays 11AM Livestream

Tapestry LA Daily

Beginning May 18th, we will be launching a new podcast series, "Tapestry LA Daily," where we engage in a range of conversations about current events and scripture. Our podcasts will be available on the mobile app, online, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Member Assistance

The updated Member Assistance section allows you to GET HELP or GIVE HELP today. As a Tapestry member, you can now request help directly from the church if you have a need for prayer, goods & services, patronage or financial assistance. Or you can continue to see how you can support your brothers and sisters.

Volunteering Opportunities

Our Local Missions ministry has connected with different organizations in our city to assess their needs and ways we can help. As a whole church, we are committing our cells to participate in gathering donations for two organizations in need. There are also other ways that you can individually serve and love on our city through Tapestry programs and For The City programs.

How to Face COVID

If you joined us for “Navigating through Uncertain Times - COVID19” Webinar, then you watched a condensed version of Hanna Lee and Tiffany Kwong’s “How to Face Covid” presentation. If you want to see the full version, it is available for your viewing on our site/app. This is a robust lecture including psychoeducation and mental health practices to incorporate for a healthier understanding and response to COVID.


Check out our ministry resources during our season of Church At Home.

Gospel Care

Resources to managing anxiety and tips on relaxation.

Prayer Request

Please let us know how we can be praying for you during these challenging times.

Small Business Resources

To support our small business owners, here is a list of resources & helpful information

TapKids Service & Resources

Youth Service