Sundays 11AM Livestream


Sundays 11AM Livestream

Cell sign-ups

Cell Groups will begin meeting this week! If you did not have a chance to sign up for a cell, we still have a few cell groups that have space available. 

Baptism sign-ups

We will be having baptisms during our Anniversary Sunday on November 1st. If you are interested in being baptized, please email James Lee for more information.

TapKids Fall Event Volunteers 

Can you believe it’s fall already?! 2020 will not stop TapKids from having the most memorable fall event yet. You guessed it right, it's drive-in theater time!!! And what’s more, we need you. Yes, YOU! Signup to volunteer and help make our TapKids dreams come true.


If you would like prayer or support during this season, we invite you to reach out to our staff members using the appointment system on our website to set up a time to connect. Different staff members are available on different days to speak and pray with you. 

Zacchaeus Fund

Tapestry LA’s Zacchaeus Fund seeks to bring relief to our brothers and sisters who are experiencing suffering due to systemic inequities. Understanding the disadvantages and disparity, we desire to offer reparations on behalf of those who have benefited from these same inequities. Please learn more about our partnership and ways to participate.

Kingdom ARtbook

Have you been inspired in any way by our ongoing sermon series, Story of the Kingdom? In time for Tapestry’s 6th anniversary, we are putting together a visual artbook with photography, artwork, poetry, and more. We invite you to submit any creative work that reflects the Kingdom Story to be included in the visual artbook for our church members as a gift. Submissions are open until the end of September!